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Prime Hurunui Meats

The Hurunui has always had farming at its core, and nestled here in the South Islands heartland it's a tradition we're proud to continue. We farm sustainably and ethically, combining the best of the ancient with the most cutting-edge of the modern to produce the very best meats you can eat.  

Our Angus Beef is a strong meat breed and you can taste the differnce in our finished

  • Alice Johns

    "We've always bought premium
    mince and it still does the same thing. It oozes copious amounts of fat! Both my hubby and I watched your mince cook and we were shocked at how clean it was!"

  • Glen Caroll

    "Your steak is next level. Very impressed with our Prime cut box."

  • Suzan O'Neill

    Thanks so much for our first Trust the Butcher box! Super happy with the mix of meat! We will be ordering again!

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From Hurunui-Farms to your plate

Do join us on social media the LIVE links are on the footer of this page. We have offers, competitions and lots of information on our meats.

Please do reach out with feedback and testimonials, Marcel our butcher appreciates them!

Just Search for Hurunui Farms on Facebook and Instagram.

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  • Our Facility

    Working in a -18˚C freezer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but our staff are still smiling as they
    carefully pack your boxes each week. Woodend was the ideal location on Highway 1 to Christchurch. Its makes logistics hum and commuting for our team easy! We have been able to kit it out ready for an October start and look forward to delivering the best meat in North Canterbury!


  • Meet the Butcher

    Steve and Marcel, our butcher team!

    Butchery is an ancient skill and one to which most of us probably give little thought. It requires detailed knowledge of the anatomy of each animal, as well as an understanding of how all of the muscles and bones join and work. Working in a butchery every day is very physically demanding and calls for tremendous stamina, deft knife skills and precise attention to detail.

  • Customer Service

    We wouldn’t be anything without our customers. Which is why we are ready to take your calls and reply to your emails. Want to discuss meat cuts, place an order or simply ask a simple questions please do reach out.

    We are a small business that is growing fast but we always have time for you.

    We sell wholesale and retail so if your interested in swapping to our delicious meats then simply call.